100 Diamond Quotes
A  Power  We  Call  GOD

Does God exist? This question has been a hotbed of discussions for skeptics, atheists and antagonists for several thousands years! Religions promote their Gods as the ultimate Almighty, but God is beyond religion.

We have innumerable religions in the world, with each religion claiming to be superior to the other; with each religion promoting its own God or Gods; with each religion having its own theology, belief, systems, rituals and customs, each adding to the confusion of an already confused human race.

God exists… the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the animals and the flowers are proof that a power exists - the power that created you and I. Nobody has seen this power but we can all experience it. The birds that fly, the winds that blow, the waves that appear in the ocean and the clouds that sway in the sky are all proof of the power that exists - a power we call God!

While Jesus, Allah, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Shiva are all Gods and must be respected as ‘One’, they are also only a symbolical representation of God. God is an accumulation of them all and much more that that. God is a power beyond our comprehension, a power we experience but cannot always see and understand.