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Although being positive is very simple it has not been clearly defined but rather has been mysteriously presented so far. Writers, philosophers and thinkers have said “Think Positive”, but they have not shown how. Authors have emphasized the power of thought, but have not explained how exactly to control it. Aspirants of positive thinking have tried in vain to directly be in command of thought, but to no avail. RVM presents his new book PEP (Positive Energy Power)to bust the myths about positive thinking.

PEP is an acronym for positive energy power. It is a power that comes from using positive energy to think, feel, act, respond and behave. When one chooses to live positively with PEP, one’s life is transformed. While it sounds great to be able to live life only with PEP, how does this become possible? All around us, we find a mixture of both negative and positive energies. People and circumstances sometimes force us to respond negatively. Then how can we live with PEP all the time? Well, when you choose PEP, what you are actually doing is choosing the power of a positive energy that actually helps you respond with a positive attitude. PEP will therefore make you think positively, and feel and act in a positive manner. If you do not choose PEP, negative people or circumstances may naturally derive a negative response. But choosing PEP ensures that even the negative is confronted with the positive. PEP is a choice. It is a way of life that we can choose. It is based on the concept of living life with positive emotions and energy, rather than letting negative poison consume our life.

When you choose PEP, you automatically develop positive habits and your reaction will be positive most or all the time. While PEP is not directly positive thinking a positive attitude or a positive habit, it is a power that leads to all the three. It is a power that channelizes our life into being positive by making positive choices even in negative situations.

PEP will help one discover a power that will transform one's life. Life comes to us but once, and if we fill it with NEP (Negative Energy Poison), we lose command over our life. But RVM believes that living with negativity is a choice! We may choose PEP and live positively every moment and every day or we may choose NEP! It is not magic, but a practical choice that one has to make. Once you understand PEP, you will realize how simple it is. Yes, Positive Energy Power can 'pep' up your life with excitement, enthusiasm and ecstasy like it has never been before.