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The book ‘Succsex’ reveals the ancient secret of power, pleasure, creativity and genius that many great leaders, Taoists and Saints have expounded. In Succsex, RVM re-opens the ancient secret of sex-transmutation and relates techniques to achieve the same, based largely on his experience and discussions with close associates and friends. The book urges us to see the sex energy we possess as a dormant power, a power whose full capacity if used can help us achieve great success; thus the conjunction of sex and success leading to ‘Succsex’. This, RVM insists, awakens our genius within and takes us to successes far beyond our imagination!

Through Succsex, man can become the ‘One’ in a million, who is superbly creative and successful. People like Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson are said to have used sex power to achieve greatness.

SUCCSEX is also a key for health and well being as the Ojas Shakti or power is critical for courage, confidence and good health. Any man who wants a life full of zest and creativity can master the techniques of SuccSex.

‘Succsex’ explains how to achieve success by controlling and transmuting the male sex energy through sex transmutation. The male sex energy, which creates life, is all-powerful and responsible for success. RVM provides examples of successful great men of the world and their means to achievement by the process of sex transmutation. He clarifies that most men are flushing away their sex energy daily. The book aims at helping men discover the secret of sex transmutation while enhancing their sex lives.