RVM's Philosophy

The RVM Philosophy, which stands for “Rejoice, Value life, and Make a difference,” is a philosophy with a universal appeal that motivates anyone to live a meaningful life. This principle forms the focus of RVM’s personal vision and mission, which is also the sole objective of his life.

Who does not want to be happier, healthier, and wealthier? Are you satisfied with your life, or do you feel a lack of something in it? Do you want more out of life? Of course, you deserve it. You can make your life what you want it to be only if you choose to live by the RVM Philosophy.

The RVM Philosophy is a way of life that prescribes that one must Rejoice, Value life, and Make a difference before one’s journey of life is over. It will inspire you to live meaningfully with a purpose rather than just drift through life to meet death in the end.


The first step to DISCOVER a new way to live is to REJOICE, or be HAPPY and live a BLISSFUL LIFE.

Life offers us the choice to be happy or unhappy, to live with joy or sorrow. Remember, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. You may have everything and be unhappy, and you may have nothing and still be very happy. Happiness is a way of life. Happiness is a state of mind. So REJOICE!

You can rejoice, if you:

  • Re-choice
  • Count your blessings
  • Live positively
  • Be enthusiastic

The second step to DISCOVER A NEW WAY TO LIVE is to value life. Treat your life as the most important treasure you possess.

People, who value life, treat it with respect and make good use of it, while others waste it. Life is precious, so learn to honour and RESPECT LIFE.

To value life, you must:

  • Live every moment
  • Introspect
  • Have purpose, meaning and direction
  • Live, don't just exist!

Most people live life just making money. They strive for wealth that they will finally leave behind. Instead, why not MAKE A DIFFERENCE and carry with you an everlasting wealth? Discover a new way to live by making a difference.

What can you do to make a difference? Think about it.

To make a difference, you can

  • Be that change
  • Reduce pain and suffering
  • Give before you are gone
  • Share your life experiences

Do it today and don’t put it off to tomorrow!