The RVM’s vision is rooted in three activities: RPAS (Reducing Pain and Suffering), VIPE (Vibrating Positive Energy) and MBEL (Making People Believers). They constitute an important part of his daily objective.

Having shut down his profitable business, RVM completely concentrates 18 hours a day and 7 days a week on his vision and is extremely passionate about it. Each day, RVM and his team ensure that they contribute by

Reduce Pain & Suffering - RPAS

Vibrate Positive Energy - VIPE

Make People Believers - MBEL

RVM lives his vision and walks his talk. His humanitarian endeavors are not prompted by some need to achieve some ambition in life. It is more a culmination of his vision developing into his passion. In fact, today, it is such a strong passion that it has turned into his obsession. His life is entirely committed to the causes he believes in so much, such that despite his travelling, he lives his life with RPAS, VIPE, and MBEL. He has a dedicated team who carry forward this vision.

RVM's    Mission

Our mission is to live the RVM Philosophy and the RVM Vision.

At the RVM Foundation, we practice what we preach; we are a bunch of Happy people, Valuing every moment of life and Making a positive difference in people’s lives. We believe in spreading Positivity, globally, and therefore inspire people to live meaningfully.