RVM is a firm believer in God, but does not consider himself religious. He is spiritual and that is reflected in the bhajans (devotional songs) he composes and sings. RVM believes that God is beyond proof and that one cannot prove the existence of God. He accepts the sun, moon, stars, birds, animals, flowers and all of nature as proof of God’s existence. Through his bhajans, he wants to spread the message that God exists everywhere. RVM is both the lyricist and the composer of the bhajans he sings. Through his bhajans, he hopes to attract devotees and help them experience the existence of God.

RVM considers God to be the inspiration and the positive power from which his bhajans flow. He humbly delivers these at the Shiva Temple, Bangalore. RVM has created hundreds of bhajans, in praise of the glory of the Universal Supreme Power. He urges people to live with faith and belief. He encourages people to live a fulfilling life, filled with meaning and purpose.

Bhajan Tracks

Prabhuji Tum Aajao
Jo Bhi Karun
Yeh Zindagi Kuch Nhi Bhole
Oh Bhole Baba...
Shiv Bhakti Mein Jaadu Hai
Darshan Do Mahadev
Tujko Main Chaahun
Shiv Shankar...Shiv Shankar
Chanda Mein Tu