Various feedback and comments received on RVM's talks.

We had a near houseful attendance, as was obviously evident and are indeed privileged that you flew down from Bengaluru to address us.

The pin-drop silence, with not even a mobile ringing is proof of the rapt attention that you invoked with your straight from the heart talk laced with hard hitting facts and humorous innuendos. Your selfless approach defies reality but ignites a passion in you that needs to be heard, nay, seen to be believed.

I am sure you have given us all food for thought that will encourage us to do more with our lives than we thought ever possible. I am sure our other members too will voice their response to you individually.

Thank you for a Sunday that will be remembered for long.

PP Rtn. Sarabjeet Singh:
Rotary Club of Bombay Bandstand

Rating for the event - a 9.5!

The comments included: Great event, Very Out of the Box, Intellectually Stimulating, Good Valentine Package.
Everyone had a good time!

YPO Indonesia - Manila

A very interesting talk. It has really PEPed up our life. We know about positive and negative energies but it was well presented to us by RVM, with his humor and actions and relating it to our daily life. Hope to have some more sessions on other related subjects.

Manjula Shetty - Bouquet Club

Greetings, all the Rotarians from Peenya and City Centre join me in thanking you for having provided such a powerful and wonderful speaker like Mr. Ravi Melwani. The audience were spell bound and enjoyed his speech thoroughly. I am sure Mr. Melwani also enjoyed the evening conversing with us.

Rajesh B P:
President, Rotary Bangalore Peenya

The Best Thing About and comments this event:

  • Unique
  • Interesting talk
  • Make sense
  • A different and interesting angle
  • Interactive (interaction with participants)
  • The Passion of the speaker to share
  • Informative
  • Ravi approached the subject very openly and honestly
  • Very Educating
YPO Phillippines Jakarta

Mr. RVM's talks on positive thinking was too good, and we thoroughly enjoyed the discussion session. So lets have PEP (POSITIVE ENERGY POWER).We really understood so much of positiveness and seriously our faces just glowed with happiness... very good interactions with the innerwheel and bouquet club… thanks friends once again.

Naseem Khan:
IWC Orchards

Please permit me to say that the half an hour we spent listening to you at the Rotary Club Meet on 5th Aug 09 at Windsor Manor was very informative and enthralling. Yes, those moments contributed a lot to Rejoice and I am very happy to have come to know of one more young human being - a very Brilliant Human Being.

Ram Mohan:
Rotary Club City Centre, Bangalore

I thank you for accepting our invitation and giving a talk on Positive Mental Attitude in our Inner Wheel Club. It was a very provoking and wonderful talk. Everyone present on that day enjoyed the talk and hope they will implement in their life.

Manjula Jagadeesh - (Seceretary):
In Inner-wheel

Overall Assessment of the speaker

  • Topic
  • Excellently presented
  • Passionate
  • Loved his honesty + forthrightness
  • A very unusual + candid explanation of an age old subject
  • Powerful!
  • What an exciting & refreshing topic. I love it when I am presented with something totally mind blowing.
  • A very honest & refreshing talk
  • Ravi is funny & passionate

What was the best thing about the event?

  • Featuring a sensitive or otherwise rarely discussed topic
  • Practical, well delivered + luv
  • Session provides access to what otherwise is a taboo subject with great take home value
  • May make life more interesting
  • Frank + candid talk about sex
  • To be a Genius
  • Learn something I would not have known
  • Taboo topic with honest, open dialogue!
YPO Malaysia

"Let me take this opportunity to convey my special compliments to you for the excellent deliberations in the Conference which, indeed, can be rated as the best amongst the addresses by other invitees."
Govind Hari Singhania
JK Business School

Thank you, for your speech which you have given today at Rotary Club meeting in Rajajinagar, one of the excellent words you have been spoken with our team.

Keep it up, hats off to you.

Rangachar V.T :
Rotary Club, Rajajinagar

Thanks once again for a wonderful evening with RVM. The man was ROCKING! ... and everyone LOVED HIM.

Ian Faria
Global Citizens Forum, Bangalore

I am speechless and in awe at the service you are doing to society. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for being just who you are and I am thankful that I was able to attend your session today.

Shiv Shankar
Symphony Services, Bangalore

I want to convey my sincere thanks to you for making possible RVM's talk in our club, it was amazing to listen him, every one appreciated his way of presentation and his philosophy. He is too good. God bless him.

Ved Chandna
Rotary Club Delhi southwest